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Safety Power IoT Module

Intelligent Power Safety Hidden Trouble Monitoring Service System


(1)Overview of intelligent power safety hazard monitoring service system

1、 Based on coupling sensing, mobile Internet, cloud computing technology and modern information technology such as large data, by the intelligent terminals, wireless transmission equipment, through the intelligent sensor terminal (on-site monitoring module, the transmitting module), will be a major cause of electrical fire (cable), temperature, current, residual current, arc fault for real-time online monitoring, statistics analysis, summary of electrical safety data real-time transmission to cloud platform;

2、Electrical safety data include: three-phase voltage of power supply box, three-phase current, power supply quality (three-phase unbalance degree, power supply quality qualification rate, power supply fault, etc.), leakage current, three-phase cable temperature, box temperature, load current (overload alarm), power, fault arc, etc.

3、 Through the analysis and judgment of the data stored in the cloud platform, we can timely master the potential risk of electricity safety in the dynamic operation of the line, discover the potential risk of electricity in time, prevent fire, and improve the management level of electricity safety in enterprises.

4、Automatic reminder of the safety state of the power system: local sound-light alarm, mobile APP remote monitoring, SMS alarm, telephone notification and other ways;

5、The related parameters of the electrical equipment loop of the cloud platform are used to determine the causes of faults and guide enterprises to carry out governance, so as to eliminate potential risks of electrical fire safety and fully guarantee the electrical safety.

(2) The main functions of the intelligent electric power safety hazard monitoring service system

①Cloud service platform - 24-hour online monitoring and management

②Local monitoring system - audible and visual alarm

③Mobile phone APP- electrical safety mobile duty room

④SMS alert - prevents fire from burning

⑤Big data analysis function

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