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Helicopter drones show fire "real kungfu"
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An alarm sounded, the enterprise quickly started the device warning, and the chemical industry emergency response center immediately launched the rescue cooperation of the park. The fire-fighting high-spray car rushed to the scene to reinforce and control the disaster. The police used the helicopter to rescue the wounded, and the professional technicians carried out the pressure blockage. Leakage, unmanned aerial vehicle exploration and detection... Yesterday, the city’s large-scale petrochemical plant fire fighting and rescue comprehensive exercise, which has participated in the most teams and the most complete special equipment, has begun.

At 15:30, the chemical equipment of Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd., located at No. 4747 Longwu Road, leaked vinyl chloride and quickly mixed with air to form a large amount of explosive mixed gas, which caused many operators to coma... The company's chlor-alkali full-time firefighting The team rushed to the scene for disposal, but the danger continued to expand, and there was a possibility of explosion at any time. The on-site command issued a retreat signal. Immediately, the professional force of the Municipal Emergency Rescue Corps rushed to the scene to launch the “3+X” comprehensive emergency rescue mechanism.

Enterprise fire brigade rate advanced fire farm

The first to enter the scene is the enterprise chemical formation of Wusong Chemical Industry Base. It consists of two full-time firefighting teams, chlor-alkali and coking. It is stationed in the factory interior. It conducts practical drills on the key parts of chemical equipment fire safety every month according to the plan, and masters the production process and main Disposal measures. After analyzing and judging the disaster situation, technicians and full-time fire brigade commanders decisively decided to dilute the concentration of flammable and explosive gases to prevent the leakage gas from accumulating to prevent the concentration from reaching the explosion limit.

The inspection team used the instrument to determine the concentration of the leaking gas, and the rescue team rescued the operators who were poisoned and comatose. On-site cokeed full-time firefighters wearing gray chemical protective suits, under the cover of water guns, carry the plugging device to the second floor platform to close the valve.

Unmanned aerial vehicle reconnaissance fire

Suddenly, the second floor platform leaked and exploded, and two people were trapped and injured. The fire began to spread and the unit's reaction tower was seriously threatened. The first batch of forces of the Municipal Emergency Rescue Corps - the heavy chemical formation of the public security fire brigade detachment, the light chemical formation of the Songjiang detachment and the anti-chemical professional team of the special detachment rushed to the scene.

The operational command headquarters was set up on site to set up a video transmission system, and the screen was transmitted to the city emergency response center command platform in real time.

With the sound of the "Buzzing" propeller on the scene, the unmanned reconnaissance plane of the special team of the special defense detachment took off and carried out high-altitude reconnaissance. The detection unit set up a wireless gas detector to sample and test the on-site gas, and the security unit used chemical disasters. The accident handling assistant decision-making system delineates the warning area.

The heavy chemical team of the Minhang detachment covered the rescue and carried out frontal cooling and fire extinguishing on the fire device; the Songjiang detachment light chemical team set up mobile guns and vehicle guns on the northwest side to implement cooling protection for the fire device.

After the fire brigade's full-time command headquarters arrived, the local commander reported the situation on the spot and handed over the command. Each team splits and defends, and the rescue is carried out in an orderly manner.

Helicopter robot participates in fire fighting

In recent years, the Shanghai Emergency Rescue Corps has been equipped with rail-and-rail dual-purpose fire engines, double-headed fire engines, strong-armed demolition vehicles, multi-function inspection vehicles, smoke-exhausting fire engines, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, etc. Special fire-fighting equipment, especially this year, the city's fire-fighting has added a number of "high-precision" fire-fighting and rescue equipment.

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