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[Spring Travel Notes] Go and set off in the spring!
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In the spring of March, the spring breeze and the spring blossoms are just a good time to go out and play. In order to breathe the breath of spring, enjoy the care of nature, to activate the company atmosphere, to delight the employees' body and mind, to enrich the employees' spare time, and to strengthen communication between employees. On March 30th, the company organized all employees to go fishing and walking.



At 9 o'clock in the morning, We drove to the destination and laughed  along the way. In less than an hour to the sightseeing road, the girls took out the barbecue food and began to wear the string. Although everyone's technology is not as good as a barbecue master, it is really good to eat. I am very happy to taste the fruits of my work.


Two barbecue chefs, hard work!

Colleagues at the fishing scene are full of energy and high interest. Among them are experienced and skilled players, as well as newcomers who have just tested the water. As the fish breams are thrown to the surface of the water, fish will pass by, and cheerful laughter will linger on the shore of the pond. After a short while, I caught more than ten kilograms and directly let the hotel's master help to braise. The delicious braised fish is very popular among everyone.


Baked and ate


Family portrait (strengthening the mirror)

Say goodbye to busy work and enjoy close contact with nature. The good times are always short, this outdoor event has come to a successful end, and everyone has embarked on a journey home. Through this group activity, the colleagues' body and mind were relaxed, the work pressure was reduced, the passion for follow-up work was improved, and a solid foundation was laid for creating a harmonious working atmosphere for the company.

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