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Dalian held a forest fire drill, the drone became a "pioneer"
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Xinshang News (Reporter Qu Jiayi) Yesterday morning, the municipal government held a live-fire meeting on forest firefighting exercises and forest fire prevention work in Laolu Village, Dongjiagou Street, Jinzhou New District, the general commander and deputy city of the Municipal Forest Fire Prevention Command. Lulin’s comprehensive deployment of forest fire prevention this winter and winter requires that the fire control departments at all levels should be ready to do well and do a good job in forest fire prevention work this winter and next spring.

According to the forecast and analysis of the meteorological department, the precipitation in this city in winter and spring is still less than the average level in previous years, and the forest fire prevention work will still face the severe situation that the fire risk level continues to be high. The meeting requested that the forest fire prevention commanding departments at all levels must attach great importance to it and wait and see, with a more pragmatic working attitude, more rigorous work style, more solid and effective measures, and do a good job in forest fire prevention work this winter and next spring. It is necessary to strictly implement forest fire prevention measures, focus on four aspects, and strive to fundamentally eliminate hidden dangers of forest fires. First, we must focus on strengthening forest fire warning; second, we must vigorously carry out publicity and education on forest fire prevention; third, we must strengthen the control of wild fire sources; and fourth, we must increase the intensity of fire control according to law.

The actual fire drills were carried out at the conference site, and advanced forest fire-fighting equipment such as drones, crawler-type forest fire trucks, helicopters, and pulse water guns were fully displayed, and a forest fire brigade was divided. The Municipal Forest Fire Prevention Command also signed forest fire prevention responsibility with all districts, cities and counties.

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